AccessArt25 2021

Due to the global pandemic we haven’t been able to run the programme in the same format this year, so we decided to partner with, Peter Adjaye, Artist and Creative Director for AccessArt25. This new digital interactive educational concept for AccessArt25, has been conceived and developed by Peter, in partnership with BNP Paribas, and takes the form of a virtual gallery that will display the creative outcomes from a set of bespoke creative briefs that are mapped to the National Curriculum for Teachers and Students to engage with.


Teachers will use these unique interactive briefs to deliver sessions that create lasting and meaningful narratives using creative mediums and tools for self-expression and realisation. This online iteration of AccessArt25 is aimed at young people aged 14-16, who will upload their chosen piece of art in response to the briefs, into the virtual, online gallery to take part in an exciting competition that gives entrants the opportunity to win prizes and receive feedback from the Ambassadors’, related to their chosen art form.

Peter Adjaye - "Art has the innate power to help bring out the passion and potential of all of us. We want to harness the naturally occurring creativity of young people with industry style creative lesson plans that inspire them to rise like a Phoenix from the current turmoil of the world and to give them the wings to soar with their ideas and make an impact with the power of art. Art is the change the world needs now."

AccessArt25 at Antony Gormley Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts 2019

We partnered with over 200 charities, schools, community leaders and colleges to target young BAME people that had never been to a gallery before. We set a target of 10% BAME audience and 30% first time visitors and were delighted that 37% of the audience identified as BAME and 63% were first time visitors to the RA. But we want to do more.